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Way back in 2012, when I first had very popular DotNetNuke site, I decided to build a prototype DotNetNuke data warehouse.

The idea was to sell #SeETL for EUR2,000 per year to support the DotNetNuke data warehouses that companies might implement using my prototype.

However, there was little interest by companies using DotNetNuke to build a data warehouse using #SeETL.

Most such companies were so small that they could not afford the development work of taking the prototype and extending it.

Lots of things have changed since then which is why I am putting out this blog post.

#SeETL is now free and open source.

So any company that has DotNetNuke installed can easily build their own data warehouse.

More importantly, companies that are service providers for DotNetNuke web sites can take the prototype and build it out to be their own product if they want to.

Further, the mapping productivity of #SeETL has increased 6-8 times meaning even small companies can now afford to build their own data warehouses.

Meta5 has released a low cost Workstation version that can send data into Excel Workbooks.

If you go to the Meta5 web site on this link:

You can see how to build a very nice dashboard using Meta5 + Excel.

Since pretty much all DotNetNuke customers are Office 365 users this means that very nice reports and dashboards can be generated from your DotNetNuke site for only the investment of the Meta5 Professional Workstation and some time and effort.

Power BI has been released and is being pushed very hard by MicroSoft.

This is an alternative to Meta5 + Excel all-be-it more expensive and time consuming. However, this is another way to build reports and dashboards on the top of the prototype data warehouse that is now published as free.

You can watch a video below of all the things that you get in the free downloads.

And you can then download all the downloads as free and open source.

Of course, if you want any help from me to build your data warehouse I would be only too happy to help for a modest fee.


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