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Today’s blog post is about a product an old friend of mine is bringing to market.

I first met Bill Inmon at the Metaphor Computer Systems conference in San Francisco in September 1993.

The head of Coca Cola Worldwide BI was the chairman of the user group and he told me to make sure I saw Bill Inmons planned Key Note Speech.

My customer and I had front row seats that the speech.

About 5 minutes in I asked my customer if he had any idea what this guy Bill Inmon was talking about.

He said, like me, he had no idea. So I turned around to see what everyone else was doing. And everyone else was frantically scribbling down notes from the presentation.

I figured if all these people who knew all about BI were taking notes then I should too!

So after the presentation I went to Bill to introduce my self and ask him if he had written any papers or books.

He told me the name of his publisher and the latest book he had written called “Building the Data Warehouse” and thanked me for my interest.

In 1994/5, somewhere around there, a colleague of mine invited Bill to come to Australia to give a seminar.

We took him deep sea fishing off the coast of Sydney and on that trip Bill caught a 50kg (110lb) yellow fin tuna.

So Bill and I have been pals since he reeled in that massive fish that day!

Bill has been working on an idea for Texual ETL for nearly 2 decades now.

Textual ETL, the ability to read text and actually use it for decision making processes, has been something of a Holy Grail for BI people for many years.

No one has “cracked it”.

Well, today, I am pleased to let you know that it very definitely looks like Bill Inmon has cracked this problem.

I have not seen the demos yet but I have seen the worked examples.

And I was one who immediately said “Do you mind if I sell your new software for you?”

Bill has released a series of early videos discussion his new Textual ETL software.

So my first post on this matter are his new videos!

I hope you like them!

Corporate Contracts

Hearing the Voice of the Customer – Call Centers

Hearing the Voice of the Customer – The Internet

Hearing the Voice of the Customer – Restaurants

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