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Hello and Welcome to our latest blog post.

I wish it could be in more favourable circumstances for all my friends and associates around the world.

Here in Fiji we have only just had our first case of COVID-19 and he is a flight attendant.

So this is an pretty extraordinary instance.

All around the world I am talking to my friends and associates and many of them are quite nervous as to what might be about to happen to their companies because of the drop off in business.

This makes sense because a lot of the people I talk to are in the Business Intelligence area and work in the area of sales and marketing.

Of course, companies are always looking for ways of saving money in the BI space.

In 1990-93 there was pressure to save money.

In 2001-03 there was pressure to save money.

In 2008-2012 there was pressure to save money.

But today it’s different.

Today, with COVID-19 the pressure to save money feels different.

We always knew that in 1990-93, 2001-03, 2008-12, that the economies were cyclic and that they would come back.

Belt tightening was only going to be temporary we all knew.

But this feels different.

And after 3 such instances over the last 30 years there would appear to be some wisdom in saving money more permanently than just “pulling the belt in one notch”.

The area that I can make a contribution for my friends and associates is to help you cut the cost of your DataStage or Informatica License.

IBM and Microsoft have more than enough money already and they really don’t need your license fee for DataStage or Informatica.

Right now, today, you can download #SeETL and give it to your very best and brightest ETL people and you can get started on moving from DataStage to Informatica.

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Not only will you save the substantial license fees for these products, you will be able to redeploy 50% or so of your ETL staff to more useful work because of the productivity benefirs of #SeETL.

If you have your ETL development and support outsourced you will be able to cut those support costs.

Your ETL outsourcer might not like that but that is part of the game.

#SeETL is 100% Free and open source.

If you want me or one of my business partners to work on your DataStage / Informatica migration for you?

We would be happy to do that at a rate you would be surprised by.

Here in Fiji I have set my rate to EUR50 / USD60 per hour which is a LOT less than I used to ask for when I was still a travelling consultant.

My choice of relocating to Fiji in 2015 is looking better and better each day.

After COVID-19 I believe that companies will be much more open to having someone like me work remotely at a significant discount over asking me to sit in their office which includes the travel and living expenses and my much higher rate.

I am all for saving my customers money so you can spend it more effectively on your own employees and your products and services.

So go to the link below and get your free copy of #SeETL, check it out, and get started on saving the cost of your DataStage / Informatica licence today.

Best Regards


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Peter Nolan is one of the worlds leading thought leaders in Business Intelligence. Across his 29+ years in BI Peter has consistently invented new and innovative ways of designing and building data warehouses. SeETL now stands alone as the worlds most cost effective data warehouse development tool.


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