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Way back in 2004, when I first released the C++ version of #SeETL, I was talking to MySQL users about the possibility of using #SeETL for MySQL Data Warehouses.

This was way back in the MySQL 4.0 days and there were no updatable views in 4.0

There was a lot of interest as the MySQL users did not want to pay for the likes of Informatica and DataStage.

So I had to wait until MySQL 5.0 came out and updateable views were supported.

Then I tested and released a Red Hat Linux version of the #SeETL C++ software.

And by the way? It took a LOT of work on my part to make sure that it ran on Red Hat Linux!!

I put the #MySQL version of #SeETL on the market for USD10,000 per company as an executable license and USD20,000 for a source code license.

Much to my surprise at the time I got a LOT of criticism for wanting to be PAID for my software!

“MySQL is free! Why isn’t your #SeETL Software free too!” they cried.

“Um, because I have a wife and two children still at home and I need to get paid, and when I am working I am getting paid USD150 per hour. That’s why I want to be paid.”

And the MySQLers derided me for wanting to be paid! LOL!

Now that it is 2020 and I have made #SeETL free and open source?

I guess the MySQLers might want to use it now! LOL!

So, for the benefit of all the MySQLers out there?

Here are the videos and downloads of my #SeETL software available as free and open source!

Knock yourselves out fellas!!

If you want some of my time?

I still charge fees for my time though not the USD150 per hour I used to charge.


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