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Today I have a topic that is a bit out in left field than the usual Business Intelligence topics I talk about and post about.

As most of you know I was cancelled from my 14 year old Linkedin account with 3,800+ connections some time ago.

Because I was very aware of cancel culture I had all the email addresses of all my connections in my GetResponse account.

Indeed, I also have them on my local PC.

What you don’t know is that I have been cancelled off Linkedin a second time.

This time they took down my profile with a MASSIVE 100 connections!

Now you might be wondering:

“Pete, getting cancelled once might be a mistake, but pal, you got cancelled twice, surely you are saying things that are violating their terms of service, right?”

So here is the most damning comment that got my second profile cancelled.

And in case you are wondering?

It was reviewed by Linkedin and it was confirmed in writing that it “violates Linkedins Terms of Service”.

So be careful!!!! It’s really horrendous!!!!

You will be totally shocked and amazed that I ever said such a terrible thing!!!!

“Unfortunately the response from our “affirmative action women hires” to criticism of their work was to run to the bathroom crying.”

Yes Gentlemen, in the 80s, when we would hold walk throughs of code for the “affirmative action women hires” and we criticized their code to help them improve it?

They would run to the bathroom crying.


Now, we know they were “affirmative action women hires” because it was written in to legislation in Australia at the time that certain companies had to hire certain numbers of women.

And they were hired even though their skills were far lesser than men who were available for the positions.

This was very well known and understood.

Even the women themselves referred to themselves as “affirmative action hires”.

So I wanted to be very clear in this blog post.

The official policy, in writing, for Linkedin, is that women must now be “protected from true statements about events that actually happened.”

A true statement about events that actually happened now “violate Linkedins Terms of Service” though they were not willing to explain which “Terms of Service” or how this statement could possibly be construed to have violated such.

And yes, all of use who started out as programmers in the 80s know and understand that walkthroughs were the number 1 quality control mechanism and that criticism of our code was intended to help us become better programmers.

Indeed, one of the reasons code is so bad and so buggy today is that walkthroughs were banished from software development because it created a “hostile work environment for women”.

I was there when that happened so I know it happened.

Any programmer under 40 years of age today has very likely never had his/her code subjected to a walk through.

Now…If you happen to be a woman reading this? And you want to complain to Linkedin about being infantilized and treated like a child?

You are welcome to quote case number “200720-003310” if you wish to complain.

Personally, if any service provider I used told me that I was so mentally feeble I needed to be protected from statements about events that actually happened?

I would not be giving them any of my hard earned money as much as was possible.

But what does such a ridiculous cancellation have to do with you my dear reader?

Well that would be a good question.

If you are like me, meaning you are a white skinned man and you believe that all men are created equal and that men and women should be held equal before the law?

Then like me you are a far right wing extremist who is also white supremacist nationalist.

Yes Gentlemen.

To be white skinned and to believe in equality before the law today is to be a far right wing extremist and a white supremacist.

And you might just have your Linkedin shut down for saying something completely true like I did.

But this cancel culture does not end at Linkedin.

We all know that Facebook, Google, You Tube, Twitter and many other companies with far left commie extremists who work for them have been cancelling people to try and attack their income streams for a long time.

But I bet it is news to you that companies like Linkedin, Go Daddy, WIX, MailChimp and many more have been quietly cancelling conservative men for years.

These companies are going to become more and more aggressive at cancelling men to affect their ability to earn their incomes.

These companies will also try and cancel companies by “exposing” their employees “wrong-think” to your customers or get your advertising accounts at these companies cancelled.

So how can you protect yourself from this cancel culture?

Here are my thoughts.

Number 1

Make very sure you have the email address of everyone you want to keep in touch with.

To do that? I recommend you use Get Response.

So please go and watch the short advertising video on the button below.

Then get your free 30 day trial on the button below that.

Get Response runs a very tight ship and does not allow spamming so people trust putting their email in to a Get Response form.

Get Response is Polish owned and has a conservative leaning to its business practices.

Get Response has never been known to cancel a customer for political opinions.

I use Get Response myself. I recommend it.

If you buy Get Response on my link and want some help setting it up?

I will even help you set it up for just USD20 per hour for my time.

That is cheaper than you can get anyone to help you with GetResponse. (Offer expires 2020-12-31).

Gentlemen? Make no mistake.

You want to make sure you have the email addresses of everyone you want to talk to.

And you want to have them in a service like Get Response who will not cancel your account and cause you problems.


GetResponse Video

GetResponse Trial

Number 2

Make sure you have your web site hosted with a company that respects the first amendment.

You want a web site hoster that will not take your site down for any reason other than a court order issued by a California Court.

You won’t know that I have had MANY wordpress web sites taken down over the years.

In the end my favorite web hoster started hosting wordpress sites.

So I was able to migrate my many word press sites to my favorite web hoster.

They are Everleap in California.

I have been with Everleap since about 2004. They specialized in DotNetNuke back then.

I know the owner personally and their support is first class.

With my involvement in exposing criminals in government Everleap has stood by me for more than 9 years supporting my most controversial web site.

That site has been the subject of more than 50 take down requests from all around the world.

It is still up and running today.

Your web site is very important.

You need to keep it up and running.

You don’t want it cancelled by your hoster as so many of my word press sites were.

Gentlemen? I strongly recommend you move your hosting to Everleap if you are hosted by by google, Amazon, Wix, MicroSoft or Go Daddy.

All those companies have demonstrated that they are willing to cancel far right wing extremist white supremacists like you and me.

You can get a free trial at Everleap on my affiliate link on this button.

Just tell them Peter Nolan sent you over and they will take even BETTER care of you than normal!


Everleap Trial

Number 3

Do NOT rely on You Tube.

You Tube is the second most notorious company for cancelling conservative men behind twitter.

That even Stefan Molyneoux has been cancelled off You Tube demonstrates the lengths to which You Tube will go to harm the income earning ability of even the most milk toast conservatives.

Thousands upon thousands of men, who have relied on You Tube for traffic to their business, have had their income decimated by being cancelled by You Tube. Often without explanation.

Indeed, I had one channel taken down for copying the most watched video in the UK that week to my channel of just a few hundred subscribers.

Although I do use you tube, I used a second product called SpotLightr.

I have more than 1,100 videos playable by SpotLightr.

The best feature is that you can store your video in your DropBox and play it via SpotLightr so no one can take it down.

SpotLightr has a host of features including you can pay them to host your videos.

But the #1 feature of SpotLightr combined with drop box is that You Tube can’t take your videos down.

The videos at the bottom of this page are played using SpotLightr.

So if you use video on your web site to promote your products and services and those videos are on You Tube?

I would recommend you switch over to SpotLightr (or something similar) so that You Tube can’t affect you by taking down your channel.

You can check out SpotLightr on the button below.

Get SpotLightr

Number 4

And lastly? The information that Edward Snowden released is just the tip of the iceberg.

Your governments are getting your ISPs to hand over your web logs.

Some governments are even willing to allow this information to come out and be obvious.

For example? When I lived in Germany I was sent an EUR800 “fine” for downloading some shows of Two And A Half Men.

This was from a private company of solicitors but the information was provided to them by the German government.

I was with 1&1, the largest ISP in Europe.

So Gentlemen, it is widely known that 1&1 are passing the web logs of it’s customers to the various European governments.

The same is happening in the US.

Your ISPs are handing over your web browsing logs to your governments in almost all western countries.

If you do not want your government looking over your shoulder as your browse the web?

I use and recommend Private Internet Access.

They do not retain logs so the can not be forced to hand them over.

You can get your Private Internet Access subscription on the button below.

If the US government is happy to spy in the Trump campaign?

You can be sure they are happy to spy on you.

Most of the worlds internet traffic goes through the US and is logged by the US government.

So I would recommend you not give them the opportunity to spy on you.


PIA Video


With that? Thank you very much for reading our latest blog post!

Best Regards


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