Get the Experts to Build Your Data Warehouse For You!


Hello and welcome to this brand new offer from Instant Business Intelligence.

So. You want a data warehouse but you are overwhelmed at all the offers from companies that say they know how to do this work for you.

You do not know who is telling the truth and who is lying.

You have read that 50% of Data Warehouse projects fail and yet all the people who are selling you their wares swear on their mothers graves that THEY have never had a failed project.

Someone is not telling the truth and you know it, right?

We at Instant Business Intelligence have been doing Data Warehousing since 1991. We have NEVER had a failed project where our client took our advice. NEVER. When our clients refuse to take our advice we issue formal written recommendations and we keep them on file to point to in case the project does not deliver as expected. When our clients do NOT take our advice we have had some very “difficult” projects. Some have even been cancelled due to the serious issues involved.

We are the first people to say that if our clients do NOT take our advice we have seen failed projects.

No one likes to talk about these failed projects. But after 23 years I can assure you I have seen many failures. Indeed? The VAST majority of the business we have done over the last 23 years has been fixing failed projects or completely starting again after a failed project.

We have pleaded with our clients to let us talk about failed projects and to name names of vendors who are responsible for them. Our clients, to a one, have asked us not to do this.

So. If you want a data warehouse built and you are getting offers from the usual array of vendors all claiming that they have NEVER had a failure? We can assure you that any vendor who has been doing BI for any length of time has a failure rate approaching 50%. Some fail more often. Some fail less often. But there are plenty of failures out there. There will be plenty more failures in the future. And we do mean from the big vendors like IBM, Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft, SAP, InfoSys, Tata, HP EDS and others. As a 32 year IT veteran you can take it from me that they ALL have their fair share of failed projects.

So how are you to pick a vendor where you KNOW, with 100% certainty, that if you just do as you are advised you WILL SUCCEED?


You buy from us.

Instant Business Intelligence, and our partners, can guarantee, that if you follow our advice your data warehouse and Business Intelligence System will return an investment significantly higher than the costs that are involved. Of course, by “guarantee” we do mean that outside forces outside your control or our control do not damage your business in the meantime. We all know that things like “the 2008 global financial crisis” was an event outside the control of individual organisations.

But sparing very dramatic changes in the business environment Instant Business Intelligence, and our partners, can guarantee ongoing success because of the intellectual property embedded in BI4ALL and our ability to populate BI4ALL with your data.

We, Instant Business Intelligence, or our partners, are now offering you the opportunity to build your data warehouse and your Business Intelligence Systems off site. We will use skype and other conferencing facilities to co-operate and collaborate on designing and building data warehouses and Business Intelligence Systems.

You will pay standard consulting rates depending on who is doing the work for you. These rates will be negotiated during the offer process.

You will then pay an annual license fee for BI4ALL and SeETL for as long as you run these products in production. The annual fee can not be revoked by Instant Business Intelligence. If, for any reason, you must move off BI4ALL and SeETL the license fee is structured so that you have up to a year to migrate off our products before paying the next annual license fee.

We are very confident that once installed no one will want to move off our products which is why we are happy to make the license fee annual rather than to ask for a purchase license fee.

The SeETL license fees are public knowledge and up to date pricing is always available in our store.

The BI4ALL license fee varies based on your revenue. We have released approximate pricing. For latest pricing we will want to talk to you in more detail before we make you an offer.

What you  get at the end of the project is your finished data warehouse with ETL to populate it from the staging area we create. You are responsible for getting your data from where ever it exists to the data warehouse server. From there we will load it into the staging area and process it in to the data warehouse.

If you want your data warehouse hosted in the Key-Work Consulting data center in Karlsruhe Germany we can arrange that for you as well. Key Work Consulting has put in place extensive procedures and security to comply with German privacy legislation, the most strict such legislation in the European Union. There is no chance of credit card numbers being stolen from Key-Work as has happened with so many such outsourcers in India and Eastern Europe.

So. If you want a new data warehouse? If you want to replace an existing data warehouse? You can buy from Instant Business Intelligence and you can KNOW that your project will be delivered on time, on budget, on functionality, and will produce a business benefit significantly greater than the costs you will incur.

If you want to know more about us? Please feel free to review our video channels and download our GA package from this link. (51MB)

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Peter Nolan is one of the worlds leading thought leaders in Business Intelligence. Across his 29+ years in BI Peter has consistently invented new and innovative ways of designing and building data warehouses. SeETL now stands alone as the worlds most cost effective data warehouse development tool.


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