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Our Services

Many of our clients have small IT support departments who are already stretched to provide support for operational systems. They simply do not have the staff available to perform the development work for their Business Intelligence Systems.

To assist our clients to deliver value to their companies through the use of our products we provide a wide range of services.

Today we offer four (4) specific types of services:

  1. Outsourced Offshore Development
  2. Outsourced Try and Buy Development
  3. Time and Materials Development Support
  4. The Three P’s (Presentation, Prototype and Proposal)

Even if you do not see the specific type of service you want on this list feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Most of the services we offer came about by our clients telling us what they needed from us.

Our services are driven from a single question: ‘How can we assist you?’


In terms of priority for consultants time. Instant Business Intelligence allocates consultant time as follows:

  1. Time and Materials Development Support under an annual pre-paid contract.
  2. Outsourced Offshore Development projects time and materials pricing.
  3. Outsourced Offshore Development projects fixed price pricing.
  4. Time and Materials Development Support under a post paid contract.
  5. Outsourced Try and Buy Development.
  6. Presentations, Prototypes and Proposals.

Outsourced Offshore Development

We are able to offer end to end fully Outsourced Offshore Development. Some of our clients have asked us to take responsibility for the complete Business Intelligence System implementation working with their local people.

In such projects the client:

  • Provides documentation of the source system data as well as samples of source system data.
  • Provides documentation of the types of reports required or business questions to answer.
  • Provides support to answer questions from our development team.
  • Provides licenses for the Business Intelligence Software they have selected. (If one has been selected.)
  • Performs Systems Acceptance Testing and signs off on the delivered system at the end of the project.

Instant Business Intelligence:

  • Performs the source to target mappings which are then approved by the client.
  • Develops jobs to extract data from the operational systems and provides them to the client.
  • Develops jobs to determine deltas from the operational systems if the systems are unable to determine deltas for themselves.

  • Develops a staging area for data validation and cleansing capabilities.
  • Develops jobs to perform the source to target mappings according to the source to target mappings agreed by the client.
  • Develops reports according to those agreed to by the client.
  • Develops analytical applications according to those agreed to by the client.
  • Provides remote support for the implementation and support of the operational system.


  1. Our Outsourced Offshore Development is offered both as a time and materials service and a fixed price service.
  2. All Outsourced Offshore Development is currently offered on Windows 2003 and above only. We will consider unix based outsourcing when we have more clients committed to unix based development.
  3. To be able to provide remote support to the installed system, Instant Business Intelligence will usually require access to the production Business Intelligence system from the internet.
  4. In some cases our clients have been very new to Business Intelligence Systems and have asked for recommendations on local consultants. Through our global network of consultants we have been able to recommend local consultants to assist in the development process on-site.

Outsourced Try and Buy Development

Even though BI4ALL and SeETL are very inexpensive some clients want to try it out before they buy it and they feel that the demonstration database is too simplistic to prove to them that BI4ALL and SeETL will work on their data. If the client chooses to use their own data model we will perform work on that too.

Clients tell us they want to be convinced of the value of BI4 ALL and SeETL by implementing some of the first subject areas they will need to implement in their Enterprise Business Intelligence System.

We are pleased to offer these prospective clients our ‘Try and Buy Development’ services. For this service we will perform consulting and construction work for the client using our software based on a time and materials fee.

The Outsourced Try and Buy fees are the same fees offered to clients who have purchased our software plus 10%. The 10% extra fees are credited against the cost of BI4ALL and SeETL when the client purchases one of the products.

In these cases the client:

  • Provides documentation of the source system data as well as samples of source system data.
  • Provides detailed documentation of the ETL they wish to implement.
  • Provides the target model they wish to see populated by SeETL if not using BI4ALL.
  • Provides clear documentation of the Acceptance Criteria for the ‘Try and Buy’.
  • Issues a formal letter on company letterhead that indicates budget has been approved for the project and that BI4ALL and/or SeETL will be purchased based on a successful outcome of the ‘Try and Buy Development’.

Instant Business Intelligence:

  • Develops jobs to implement the ETL as specified by the client.
  • Runs these ETL jobs in our partners data centre in Germany.
  • Prepares documentation to show the level of conformance of BI4ALL and/or SeETL to the data model and processing requirements documented by the client.
  • Provides the jobs and parameters to the client along with ‘time limited’ copies of SeETL so that the client can replicate the processing for themselves on their equipment.

Time and Materials Development Support

Some of our clients just want someone to assist as and when they need them. For these cases we offer Time and Materials Development Support. Consultants are allocated to these tasks as and when they are available.

Time and Materials Development Support can be purchased in two modes.

1. Pre-paid consulting based on calendar year.

Under this option the client estimates his/her support requirements for the year and pays this amount at the start of the year. If all the funds are used before the end of the year the client estimates the need to the end of the year and buys ‘pre-paid’ consulting through to the end of the year. Any funds left over at the end of the year can be returned to the client or rolled over into the next year.

Why pre-pay consulting?

Pre-paying consultant time buys the client top priority to consultant time. That is, when the client calls/emails, the consultant required stops whatever he/she is doing and attends to the request from the pre-paid client. It is our highest level of consulting support.

2. Post-paid consulting based on a fixed hourly rate.

This is the ‘standard’ way for clients to buy consultant time. Consulting rates depend on region, level of consultant, and period of engagement.

Typically, rates for existing contracts are valid for the life of the contract or to the end of the calendar year. However, depending on the prevailing economic climate in the region the rates for new contracts may be adjusted without notice

The Three Ps (Presentation, Prototype and Proposal)

Many years ago a colleague suggested that our prospective clients might like an offer he called Presentation, Prototype and Proposal. He was right. Many prospective clients purchased the service offering and many of those moved forward with full projects. So, Instant Business Intelligence is pleased to offer the ‘Three P’s’.

The Three P’s is a service offering to assist the prospective client to move through the decision cycle for the Enterprise Business Intelligence System. The decision may be yes, and the decision may be no. The purpose of the Three P’s is to reduce the time and effort required on the client’s behalf to make the decision.

The Three P’s is intended for companies who are unsure:

  • Whether they want to move forward with an Enterprise Business Intelligence System.
  • What they might get out of the project in terms of business benefits.
  • How they might go about the process of deciding whether to move forward with the project.

We recommend the Three P’s to companies who do not have approved funding for the Business Intelligence project.
The process of the Three P’s is as follows:

  • Instant Business Intelligence will perform up to 6 one hour interviews with senior managers by telephone.
    (Two Instant Business Intelligence consultants will be on each phone call, one senior and one junior.) The telephone interviews may be recorded or not recorded as the client wishes.
  • As a result of the interviews Instant Business Intelligence will request samples of data from the prospective client’s operational systems such that a prototype Business Intelligence System meeting some of the needs of the business can be constructed.

  • Instant Business Intelligence Consultants will construct a prototype that demonstrates as many of the highest value aspects of the proposed Business Intelligence Systems possible within a limit of 80 working hours.
  • Based on knowledge of the clients operational systems, the goals of the organisation, and the lessons learned from the prototype development Instant Business Intelligence will prepare a Proposal for Implementation of a Business Intelligence System for time and materials services (or fixed price services as the client requests).
  • Instant Business Intelligence will develop a series of PC based videos demonstrating the proposed Business Intelligence System.
  • Finally, Instant Business Intelligence will Present the Proposal and Prototype to the decision makers of the client for consideration in the budget cycle for the decision to move forward with the Business Intelligence System.


  1. The total work time on a Three P’s project is 120-160 hours work between the two consultants spread over a period of 3-4 weeks depending in the availability of client managers and staff.
  2. The fee for the Presentation, Prototype and Proposal will vary depending on the region of the client.
  3. If the client chooses to move forward with an ‘Outsourced Offshore Development’ project within 6 months of the close of the Presentation, Prototype and Proposal service the fee for the ‘Three P’s’ is fully credited against the ‘Outsourced Offshore Development’ consulting fees.
  4. If the client wishes the work to be done on site then travel and expenses apply and are to be paid by the client in full based on receipted expenses.