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I was recently talking to Robert Vane on linkedin about Project Management.

You can link to Robert on This Linkedin Link.

Although I felt what he was talking about was overkill for what we do I asked him if he could please pass me any video demos he had so I can take a look.

After all, I have more than 7,000 people on my email list and if what he has for sale is good I am doing a service to my subscribers to let them know about it.

So I checked out his video demos and sure enough, the Project Management System he has, and associated methodology, is well suited to very large organisations who run project offices.

So I agreed with Robert I would put up a post on my site with the videos he shared with me and let my subscribers know about his company and products.

If you work for a very large company or sizable government department and work around the project office for IT?

You will want to take a look at these videos and then perhaps talk with Robert to see if what his company has to offer might suit you.

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