Confidential BI4ALL Evaluation Videos


Hello and welcome to our confidential BI4ALL Evaluation Videos.

We recently announced the opportunity for prospective clients to hire Instant Business Intelligence, or our partners, to implement data warehouses and Business Intelligence Systems. You can read about this offer on Get the Experts to Build Your Data Warehouse For You!

For those prospective clients who are moving through the evaluation process we have released our “BI4ALL Evaluation Videos”. This is a set of video recordings that run for about 7 hours. They show you exactly what is in our BI4ALL data model.

The “BI4ALL Evaluation Videos” are intended to be reviewed by experienced data modelers so that they can determine if they feel that BI4ALL is worth the annual license fee.

These videos were derived from the days when we would travel to a large client and present BI4ALL to all those people who would have a vote in agreeing to use BI4ALL. We used to spend the entire day with the prospective client running these presentations. You now have the ability to sit on the comfort of your own office and learn about BI4ALL so that you can make a decision if you wish to acquire it as part of an outsourced data warehouse development project.

To gain access to these videos you must have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with Instant Business Intelligence. We will then make the videos available to your you tube account.

Enjoy the show!

IBI21 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 01 – 01

IBI22 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 01 – 02

IBI23 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 02 – 01

IBI24 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 02 – 02

IBI25 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 02 – 03

IBI26 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 03 – 01

IBI27 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 04 – 01

IBI28 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 05 – 01

IBI29 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 06 – 01

IBI99 – BI4ALL Evaluation Workshop – Part 99 – 01

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Carphone Warehouse Reference Video:

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