Saturday, January 18, 2020

The IBI Technical Channel

Naturally the majority of our presentations will be directed to the technical audience of those who would consider using our products and services on daily basis.

Because we have two main products that are quite distinct we will run two pages for these two products.

  1. The IBI SeETL Channel
  2. The IBI BI4ALL Channel

Both of these products were used in the Carphone Warehouse reference that we present in the video to the right.

At Carphone Warehouse the IBI Products were used by Sean Kelly and Associates and they were rebranded as Business Intelligence Data Architectures by Sean Kelly. When you hear Brian Ganley talk about a “very good process for ETL” and “a very good process for business engagement” he is talking about SeETL and BI4ALL.

We are very pleased with this public reference. This was one of those rare projects where things go extremely smoothly. We all know that BI Projects are typically quite difficult projects so it is nice when one goes this well.