If you are installing any products for evaluation to determine if you would like to use them and would like to contact our support organisation please click

Our current clients who have a support contract who would like to send us an email should always send support questions to Your email will be routed to your local support person.

If you are seeking telephone support please refer to the numbers provided to you with your support contract. If you do not have a copy of your support contract available please feel free to click to request the numbers appropriate for you.

We have now completed our migration to providing all on-line support via our Customer Support Forums.

We now provide both ‘Free’ and ‘Fee’ support for our free software.

Free support is open to any registered user on our Customer Support Forums.

For clients who want priority access to our support staff and committed turn around on questions and answers for our free software we now offer ‘Fee’ support.

The purpose of ‘Fee’ support is to pay the people costs of answering questions for our free software.

The current rate for ‘Fee’ support is set at EUR100/year per product for which you would like ‘Fee’ support.¬†You can pay via paypal by clicking¬†here.

When you make a payment please send an email to to inform us of the payment you have made.

All licensed clients are automatically elligble for ‘Fee’ support under their maintenance contract.