Saturday, October 19, 2019

SeETL Data Modelling

The SeETL Data Modelling utility is a simple and straightforward console command that takes definitions of objects to be created or loaded into a database. We have consistently found that we are able to develop and maintain data models in SeETL at about 20% of the time the same work takes in industry standard data modelling tools.

Our ability to create a documentation database on a different database manager to the deployment database to be able to re-engineer as documentation is unique. Our long experience in BI has given us insights as to what is most important in documenting Data Models.

We even keep our own for sale data models in the same tool. At 847 tables and 28,000 fields we know that maintaining Data Models in SeETL is many times faster than any other possible way of maintaining those data models.


  1. Simple, intuitive, spreadsheet interface
  2. No “coding” required
  3. Minimal amount of effort to create and maintain
  4. Productivity benefits of about 5x
  5. You know the SQL generated works
  6. Developed on SQL Server and best used there
  7. Please see workbook or documentation for detailed list of features supported.
  8. Row counts


The presentation below is a demonstration of the SeETL Data Modelling. It is a simple tool that we use ourselves for our own Data Modelling.

We invite you to watch this presentation and demonstration of our simple, fast, intuitive Data Modelling Utility.