Saturday, October 19, 2019

SeETL Business Requirements

The SeETL Business Requirements tool is a simple and straightforward console command that takes your Business Requirements documented in our customised workbooks and loads them into the SeETL Data Dictionary so that they are published for all to see.


  1. Simple, intuitive, spreadsheet interface
  2. The Problem
    • Most companies do not have a structured way of approaching BI Business Requirements
    • A mass of word documents and excel workbooks
    • Not able to be shared, no dictionary.
  3. The Solution
    • A set of worksheets that force structure onto the Business Requirements documentation
    • Loadable into a dictionary to force publication/sharing
    • Able to link Requirements through to delivery
    • Very handy documentation tool

The presentation below is a demonstration of the SeETL Business Requirements tool. It is a simple tool that we use ourselves for our own Business Requirements. In this demonstration you will see that it covers the following areas:

  • Business Requirements
  • Project Objectives
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Major Dimensions
  • Major Facts
  • Defined Measures
  • Subject Areas
  • 5 Levels of cross referencing
  • Report Services Reports to publish all of the above

We invite you to watch this presentation and demonstration of our simple, fast, intuitive Business Requirements tool.