Saturday, October 19, 2019

SeETL BI4ALL Integration

The SeETL BI4ALL Integration tool is a simple and straightforward console command that takes information that is needed by BI4ALL and loads it into the BI4ALL Control Tables.

It also allows you to load other information bound for BI4ALL if you do not have an operational system that captures that information for you.


  1. Simple, intuitive, spreadsheet interface
  2. No “coding” required
  3. Load control data into BI4ALL
  4. Load business data into staging which is then propagated to BI4ALL
  5. Client Security Management
  6. Client Software Key Management
  7. Sales Voucher Management
  8. Only applicable to projects using BI4ALL


The presentation below is a demonstration of the SeETL BI4ALL Integration tool. It is a simple tool that we use ourselves for our own BI4ALL based projects.

We invite you to watch this presentation and demonstration of our simple, fast, intuitive BI4ALL Integration tool.

In the demonstration you will see that it covers the following areas:

  1. Load vm_segmentation_version
  2. Load vm_segmentation_type_code
  3. Load vm_segment_code
  4. Load vm_segment_code_columns
  5. Load vm_product_markers
  6. Load Solicitation email txns
  7. Load Email response txns
  8. Load campaign groups
  9. Load Campaigns
  10. Load Campaigns Sub Groups
  11. Load BI4ALL Codes
  12. Load Linked In Connections
  13. Load email contacts
  14. Load email address bounces
  15. Load Do Not Email responses
  16. Load Product Definitions
  17. Load Invoice Definitions
  18. Load Invoice Payment Definitions
  19. Load List Definitions, Memberships and Deletes
  20. Load Client Security Definitions
  21. Load Client Software Key Definitions
  22. Load Party Interests
  23. Load Sales Transactions
  24. Load Returns Transactions
  25. Generate Client Software Key Definitions.
  26. Load Client Software Key Definitions
  27. Load Voucher Key Generation Definitions
  28. Load Voucher Key Validation Definitions