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This page is the entry point to purchasing our Products. With SeETL 3.1.02 we have licensed some portions of SeETL and made the pricing very affordable. When you “Buy Now” what you are ordering is a license file. When we receive payment from your order we will send you the license file to the email address you specify in your order.

Please note that as of 2016-03-15 we have altered the price of SeETL to a single price for all features at EUR2,000 per user per year. We have chosen the annual subscription model for our licensing scheme. If you need any other scheme you will need to contact us.

The Licensed Products you can “Buy Now” are as follows:

  1. SeETL Base Features
  2. SeETL Emailer
  3. SeETL Delta Detection
  4. SeETL Data Profiling
  5. SeETL Data Modelling
  6. SeETL Stored Procedure Management
  7. SeETL Translate Reports
  8. SeETL Document Reports
  9. SeETL Business Requirements
  10. SeETL Project Plans
  11. SeETL BI4ALL Integration
  12. SeETL ETL SQL Generation
  13. SeETL Full Features
  14. SeETL for Government Institutions

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Eur2,000 per user per year or near equivalent.


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  2. Contact us about your order.

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Subscribe Now!

Eur2,000 per user per year or near equivalent.


The presentation below is a brief presentation explaining the IBI Store.

In this presentation we explain

  1. A brief history of IBI to put the store into perspective.
  2. What is available in the store.
  3. How to use the store.

We hope you like our products and our services and avail of them to reduce your costs and risks in implementing your Business Intelligence Projects.