Our Products

Instant Business Intelligence is bringing to market a suite of products covering the complete end-to-end needs of Small to Medium Sized Companies for Enterprise Business Intelligence.

Our products and services are used by three distinct groups of clients.

  1. Companies that use the products to build their own Enterprise Business Intelligence System.
  2. Business Intelligence consulting companies that use our products and services to build Enterprise Business Intelligence Systems for their clients.
  3. Software development companies who develop and market transaction processing systems and want to add a Business Intelligence System to their suite of offerings.

Our products all carry the same heritage and development philosophy.

  1. They are developed by Business Intelligence experts of many years experience to solve the very real Business Intelligence Systems development problems faced on a day to day basis.
  2. They are focused on increasing the potential value of Business Intelligence Systems.
  3. They are focused on reducing the cost of implementation and maintenance of BI systems
  4. They are focused on making BI available to a broader range of companies.
  5. They are focused on being used by knowledgable Business Intelligence IT staff.

We have now rounded out our Product Set as a result of the development work we have been performing over the last 5 years.

Our “Premier Product” is Business Intelligence for ALL which is ably populated with data by our first product, SeETL. The complete list of products is as follows:

  • BI4ALL
  • BI4Telco
  • BI4Retail
  • BI4Web
  • BI4Media
  • SeETL DesignTime
  • SeETL RunTime
  • SeETL RunTime Utilities

Business Intelligence for ALL

Business Intelligence for ALL is now our “Premier Product” which is ably populated with data by our first product to market, SeETL.

BI4ALL is the breakthrough that EVERYONE has been looking for. Analytical Applications that are cost effectively customisable and maintainable. Many have tried and failed to do this. Where others failed we have succeeded.

As of January 2012 we have data models covering the major functions of mass marketing companies. The four major verticals are Telco, Retail, Web and Media. We propose to focus on these subject areas. However, if you are in a different business we would consider discussing the possibility of developing another set of industry vertical data models with you.

The foundation for BI4ALL are the data models. The data models now contain more than 840 “tables” and 28,000 fields. This set of data models covers the major processing areas of Telco, Retail, Web and Media. Each client licenses the entire data model for use so that we no longer have to maintain the data models as separate products.

The data models are fully dimensional. There are numerous presentations in the downloads section that describe the data models in more detail.

Over the top of the data models we have built a library of more than 60,000 lines of stored procedures. We call this the “Data Access Layer”. SeETL provides tools to document and publish these stored procedures.

Over the top of the “Data Access Layer” we have delivered a suite of more than 70 Microsoft Report Services Reports. These reports are meant as a “starting point” for the development of reports that you might want. We have developed a set of techniques that makes it far easier to customise reports. We can even translated report services reports into many languages and deploy them in many languages over the top of the one data warehouse. This is a very nice feature for European Union countries.

Samples of these reports are in the downloads section. We have also developed video demonstrations of the use of the sample reports.

The design philosophy for Business Intelligence for ALL has been to make the customisation and implementation of the product as simple and cost effective as possible. “Work smarter not harder” has been the order of the day. We now know that we have the MOST COST EFFECTIVE analytical applications stack.

In the current release, as we roll out early customers, we will focus on Microsoft SQL Server customers as the development platform we use is Microsoft. Those companies who already have a commitment to Microsoft as the platform for the data warehouse are the prospective clients we would most like to talk to.

These types of data models have been implemented onto machines like Netezza as well as all other major database. There is nothing in the design techniques of the data models that excludes them from being used on any database and more or any less than any other dimensional data models. Hence they will readily go onto Oracle, DB2, Sybase IQ, MySQL and other mainstream databases. It is just that with limited development and deployment resources we will focus on SQL Server for the early implementations.

SeETL Design Time

SeETL (Pronounced as See-TL) DesignTime:

  1. Is the next giant step forward on the path to Instant Business Intelligence.
  2. Is set to further transform the productivity levels and slash the costs of implementing Business Intelligence Systems.
  3. Enables, for the first time, the ETL Architect to generate ETL ‘code’ directly from the ‘Mapping Spreadsheet’!!

With SeETL there is no intermediate step required for some kind of ‘programmer’ to ‘translate’ the mapping spreadsheet into a GUI or code of some kind.  The mappings that the ETL Architect types into the spreadsheet will be propagated forward to the SeETL RunTime unchanged and untouched by any other person.

This tool does no less than consign 95% of all ‘ETL Programming’ to the pages of the history books.

SeETL eliminates the ‘next most expensive’ component of constructing a data warehouse with the SeETL RunTime, the process of converting the mapping spreadsheet to the views required by the SeETL RunTime.

SeETL consists of two components.

  1. The SeETL DesignTime Spreadsheet.
  2. The SeETL DesignTime Software.

However, the SeETL Spreadsheet is copyrighted.  It is a condition of use that each user of the spreadsheet register on our free support forum. You can register on our ‘Support->Forums’ menu item. Support on the free support forum is provided on a ‘best effort basis’ and users are encouraged to support each other.  There is also a ‘fee’ support forum for priority support from our consulting staff. The annual ‘fee’ support charge is a nominal amount. See our Support page for further details.

The reasons we have decided to copyright SeETL are:

  1. We want to know who is using SeETL.
  2. We want to encourage users of SeETL to use the SeETL RunTime product.

We are very excited about SeETL.  The main reasons are:

  1. The SeETL spreadsheet has been built as a generic place to store any ETL directives.
  2. The SeETL Software is written in VB.NET and has been written to be able to generically read workbooks, extract the data from the workbook and then perform processing based on directives and data provided.
  3. Therefore, any activities that can be defined as ‘data’ that can be captured in a spreadsheet workbook and interpreted by the generator can now be automated. This means SeETL can grow to perform virtually any repetitive task in the development of ETL processing.

SeETL was developed in the real world of one of the largest and most complicated ‘Version 1.0’ releases of the Sybase IWS data models ever undertaken.

  • The Staging Area contains more than 4,500 fields.
  • There are over 2,500 fields mapped to the Sybase IWS model.
  • There are more than 100 dimension tables and 80 fact tables.

This is a huge1.0 release for any Enterprise Data Warehouse. And all the ETL is generated by SeETL!! We are able to regenerate all the SeETL directly from the mapping spreadsheet as well as run the entire batch suite based on the batch schedule in SeETL. SeETL was written as a part of the project to assist us to be more productive. The best way to develop new development tools!! We hope you like it!!

SeETL Run Time

The SeETL RunTime is an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool.  It is a miracle of modern programming. The SeETL RunTime was built by Business Intelligence professionals for Business Intelligence professionals.

The message we would like our visitors to hear is very, very simple.

The SeETL RunTime has two compelling features for companies developing or maintaining Enterprise Business Intelligence Systems.

  1. The SeETL RunTime is around ten (10) times more productive than the leading edge ETL tools.
  2. The SeETL RunTime is offered at less than 10% of the price of the leading edge ETL tools.

If you are considering building an Enterprise Business Intelligence System, or even if you have one and you feel the cost of ETL maintenance is too high, you should consider the SeETL RunTime as a way of reducing the costs of implementation and maintenance.

Often, when people first hear about the SeETL RunTime they simply do not believe that such a useful tool can be offered, with source code, for so little money. For even a small to medium sized company building an Enterprise Business Intelligence System the SeETL RunTime is practically free.

The current version of the SeETL RunTime has been under development for around 2 years now. The early adopters have contributed greatly to the further development of the core product. It really is ten times more productive and 5% of the price of the leading ETL tools.

To help you check out these claims for yourself and to learn about the product we have published:

  • A simple demo database and an evaluation version of the product.
  • A Business Managers presentation.
  • A Project Managers presentations.
  • A detailed technical presentation that walks through the process of setting up the SeETL RunTime to run the demo database.
  • The User Guide and Appendicies.
  • All the source code for all the utilities.

We feel that Intelligent buyers of Business Intelligence will be pleased to be provided this information so that they can make an intelligent decision to invest in the SeETL RunTime.