How Do I Determine CPU / Elapsed Time in SQL Server Stored Procedures


I have been working on a client that has used Stored Procedures in SQL Server as their ETL system.

So I found a post about how to find the CPU and elapsed time usage of Stored Procedures.

Hopefully this will help someone else too.

select top 100 OBJECT_NAME(object_id, database_id)
, total_worker_time/1000000/60 'Total CPU Mins'
, total_worker_time/1000000/60/execution_count 'CPU Mins/run Avg'
, total_elapsed_time/1000000/60/execution_count 'Elapsed min Avg'
, *
from sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats
where 1=1
and database_id = 5
and execution_count > 0
order by total_elapsed_time/1000000/60/execution_count desc


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