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To all web site developers who come to us proposing helping us. I thought it easiest to put up a blog entry and direct you to it.

Like everyone, we are getting a lot of requests for web development companies to talk to us about helping us with our web site and any other customers we might have who need web site development.

Of course, as a sales organisation ourselves, we welcome all inquires to propose products and services to us. We are out there in the marketplace proposing our products and services to people so it would be quite hypocritical of us to be in any way concerned when someone comes to us to propose their products and services.

However, there are some products and services that we do not need to buy at this point in time. So I thought the most time efficient way to make sure this was communicated professionally and in a timely manner was to put up a blog entry and to point prospective suppliers to this blog entry.

We have a relationship with OPUS in Cambodia for all our web site development needs. The relationship is that the co-owner of OPUS is the son of a friend of mine. That is how I came to be introduced to OPUS in the first place. This is their web site. They do great work and we would be more than happy to recommend them.

Given the co-owner is the son of a friend of mine I send any work that comes by way in the web development area to OPUS.

I must admit, that has been very little work over the years. Our clients already have their web development needs provided for in almost all cases. You do not get to thinking about building a data warehouse without the web site in place.

That said. We would argue, and we strongly believe, that all web site development companies should have BI capability so that the effectiveness of their web sites can be assessed by their clients.

Web sites are now important sources of information for Business Intelligence Systems.  When you make an offer by email and the prospect clicks through and browses the offer on the web site you want to know about that. You also want to know if the offer was eventually purchased to improve your mail outs for your offers.

All this sort of analysis work requires a data model that supports campaign management and sales. You also need ETL to get the data from the various systems and put it into the data warehouse. For smaller companies that do not have systems for tracking these sorts of things you need some way to mail out and track the effectiveness of those mail outs.

SeETL has workbooks for solicitations, responses, bounces, do not emails, sales, invoices etc for those companies that do not have an operational system to manage these activities.

BI4ALL has a data model in it that supports campaigns, sales and segmentation among many other things.

So we would argue that SeETL and BI4ALL are very good products for all those web development companies who are proposing their products and services to us. This is especially because you already have developers who understand databases and the SQL Language.

SeETL is built to read excel workbooks, which everyone knows how to use, and to generate SQL for the ETL subsystem. It also creates tables and indexes and everything else you need. The only thing you need to decide is which query tool you want to put on the front end. We do not do that portion because there are so many out there that we can not do a front end for each of them.

So if you are a web development company proposing your products and services to us? Thank you for your interest in us. We do appreciate it. But we have already established our OPUS relationship to deal with that area of need should we have it.

Please, by way of response, allow us to suggest that your company acquiring the skills to build data warehouses and implement Business Intelligence Systems for your clients would be of value to you.

If you choose to be in the Business Intelligence Business there is no faster, cheaper and more reliable way for you to gain those skills than to adopt our methodology and tools. It would be a situation where your clients get the opportunity to buy more from you. So all three parties win. Your clients, you, and we here at IBI as well.

You can view our channels from the menu bar above. If you would like to download the GA Package which contains presentations, documentation and even a sample web site data warehouse you can simply click on this link. It is 54MB for the full GA package.

Full GA Package Available Here!

Once again. We thank you for your interest in our company. We do appreciate it.

We do see the need for having a web site development partner. It is just that we satisfied that need via a personal relationship and we do not need another web site development partner. We are sure that you respect the idea of passing what little work we see in that area to a friend. Ok?

Best Regards

Peter Nolan.


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