Welcome to our new web site


Hello and welcome to our new WordPress Website!

I felt it was time to move on from the very serviceable Dot Net Nuke site we have had for 8 years. Websites have come a long way in the last 8 years and WordPress is by far the most used site for small businesses like Instant Business Intelligence.

We wanted a new site that worked well on mobile devices like tablets.

We have brought the old site and old content across mostly “as is” we will be updating the site to take advantage of the new WordPress features as and when we can.

Of course, the first feature we are taking advantage of is the blog function. We used to really only use forums and emails to pass the word along for what we were doing. Now we can use our blog, twitter and linkedin as well as our normal email as well.

We hope you like the new site. If you want to comment please feel free to register to the site using the “support” menu to log in and adjust your settings for your account. We would be happy to hear from our clients and prospects as to what they would like to see more of on our site.

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