Monday, January 21, 2019

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SeETL32 – Solving The Updated Transaction Problem

This post is about a new and simple way of solving the updated transaction problem.

Bill Schmarzos Key Note Presentation at the Data Works 2017 Conference

This post is about Bill Schmarzos key note presentation at the Data Works 2017 conference. An excellent watch.

Data Warehouse Automation And ETL Tools – Part 01

There are now a number of Data Warehouse Automation Tools out on the marketplace that are being promoted as the silver bullet to ETL problems. These are my comments on this topic.

How Do I Determine CPU / Elapsed Time in SQL Server Stored Procedures

How to get the CPU and elapsed times of SPs on SQL Server.

Generating Test Data Using Random Number Generation

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog, it is much appreciated! Generating test data has always...

Getting Field Names And Data Types from SQL Servers Catalog

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. It is much appreciated! Todays entry is just a...

IBI11 – The Mapping Process

To make it easier for people new to Instant Business Intelligence we have created one...